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 welcome to my world
Hello!! This is Eno Rock from Chicago. I am guitarist, songwriter and studio musician..
.. and this is my intro page. Welcome to my world :-)
my free guitar lessons online
I just started Guitar Lessons online, so check often for updates. I will add more examples to each section whenever I get the time...
>>> Guitar Lessons
my gear reviews
You will find here my gear reviews and some useful stuff such as how to connect guitar using 4 cable method etc.
I will also...
>>> Gear Zone
Headline News
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 Guitar Of The Month
 Guitar Shop Highlights
  • EVH Floyd Rose Special
  • 12"-16" Radius, 22 frets
  • Graphite-Reinforced Neck
  • Heel-Mount Truss Rod
  • Bar String Retainer
  • Black Chrome Hardware
I consider this guitar "Best Buy Ever".. as it comes to combination of price and quality. This is just another example, you don't have to spend fortune... read more
  • hand made body and neck
  • Gibson 500T and Gibson 496R
  • open-gear vintage tuners
  • heel-mount truss rod adjustment
  • Zero Fret
  • brass saddles
This is my hand made Mensfeld SG Custom. I replaced all electronics starting with new DiMarzzio Output Jack and Solid Copper hook up wires. I have also installed original Gibson 500T and 496R humbuckers together with 4 Japanese 250K pots and 2 Orange Drop capacitors... read more
>>> Gear Zone / EVH Wolfgang Standard
>>> Guitar Shop / Mensfeld SG Custom
    see more at: Gear Zone
 Useful Diagrams
Top 5 Downloads
How Long (mp3)
Rock Licks vol. 1 - example 1 (guitar lesson)
Fender Guitars 2011 (PDF Manual)
Marshall JCM 900 (amp) (PDF Manual)
Fender Frontman 212R (PDF Manual)
 Vintage Corner
Tascam Portastudio 464
Ibanez RP200
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