Epiphone ES-335 Dot MOD
- guitar nut replacement
- fret leveling
- fret crowning
- fret polishing
Let me start with Guitar Nut replacement. This is cheap and easy upgrade and you will see notable difference right away. Original Nut on this guitar is junk in my opinion. First of all, this is way too high, and second issue, these slots are too wide and too deep. Junk. But this is not big deal. You can get brand new guitar nut for $10 and this is fairly easy to replace. However you will need to sand this off to height you want. I am using Guitar Nut Sander with micro adjustment screws, so you can precisely adjust tilt (Low E / High E)  If you don't have this tool, this might be quite challenging to keep this 90-degree angle and flat surface, but this is doable at home :) By book you want 0.010" on Low E Side and 0.006" on High E Side, but you can experiment with these numbers. I also did fretwork; fret leveling, new radiuses and fret polishing. If you don't have right tools you can bring guitar to your local guitar shop and they will do it for you for about $200 Dollars.. and in my opinion, this guitar is worth this investment.
After all upgrades, this is one awesome guitar, you just can't stop playing :)

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