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 welcome to my world
Hello!! This is Eno Rock from Chicago. I am guitarist, songwriter and studio musician..
.. and this is my intro page. Welcome to my world :-)
my free guitar lessons online
I just started Guitar Lessons online, so check often for updates. I will add more examples to each section whenever I get the time...
>>> Guitar Lessons
my gear reviews
You will find here my gear reviews and some useful stuff such as how to connect guitar using 4 cable method etc.
I will also...
>>> Gear Zone
Headline News
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 Guitar Of The Month
 Guitar Shop Highlights
  • EVH Floyd Rose Special
  • 12"-16" Radius, 22 frets
  • Graphite-Reinforced Neck
  • Heel-Mount Truss Rod
  • Bar String Retainer
  • Black Chrome Hardware
I consider this guitar "Best Buy Ever".. as it comes to combination of price and quality. This is just another example, you don't have to spend fortune... read more
  • hand made body and neck
  • Gibson 500T and Gibson 496R
  • open-gear vintage tuners
  • heel-mount truss rod adjustment
  • Zero Fret
  • brass saddles
This is my hand made Mensfeld SG Custom. I replaced all electronics starting with new DiMarzzio Output Jack and Solid Copper hook up wires. I have also installed original Gibson 500T and 496R humbuckers together with 4 Japanese 250K pots and 2 Orange Drop capacitors... read more
>>> Gear Zone / EVH Wolfgang Standard
>>> Guitar Shop / Mensfeld SG Custom
    see more at: Gear Zone
 Useful Diagrams
Top 5 Downloads
How Long (mp3)
Rock Licks vol. 1 - example 1 (guitar lesson)
Fender Guitars 2011 (PDF Manual)
Marshall JCM 900 (amp) (PDF Manual)
Fender Frontman 212R (PDF Manual)
Troubleshooting (see more at Gear Zone)
Boss Tone Studio Installation Problems
Boss Tone Studio Connection Problems
AVID Eleven Rack Editor Problems
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