Tascam Portastudio 464
  • Vintage Cassette 4-Track Master Recorder
  • 12 channel mixer with 4 AUX Sends, 2 Effect Sends, EQ, Line Out , Monitor Out, 2TR inputs
  • cassette recorder with 2 Location Points plus Zero Return, 2 Speeds and Loop
  • Pitch Control
  • Auto Punch-In
  • Midi Sync
I am big fan of this Tascam Portastudio 464. If I didn't buy it all the way back in early 90's, I would buy it today again.. even some people might say this is as an "obsolete" No it's not. Just think of it as a powerful 12-channel mixer alone, loaded with features, more than you need for home recording and everyday practice, plus advanced cassette tape recorder/player with Dolby NR, Pitch Control and more...
Since this is mechanical "beast", there are 3 major things that may go wrong sooner or later:
Square Capstan Belt, Gear "C" and Mabuchi Motor (1600/3200 RPM CCW). So far I had to replace Belt and Gear, after over 20 years of use, Not big deal, fairly simple DIY.
Few tips at the end:
1- if you need to replace Gear "C", don't buy cheap Chinese 3D Print junk, because this will not work and might damage some other parts. Buy molded gear as originally designed
2- don't buy gear made of metal. This gear will probably last forever, but eventually some other gears will give up, and these other gears are even much much harder to find. This thing is designed that if any gear goes wrong, this should be Gear "C", 
3- if you need to remove Gear "C" just for routine cleaning and lubricating, use hair dryer trick to remove it. Don't force it, because this gear is very easy to brake
4- I use WD40 oil to lubricate gears, but never spray oil directly. Use cotton swabs instead
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