Mensfeld SG Custom
  • hand made custom body and neck
  • original Gibson 500T and Gibson 496R humbuckers (upgrade)
  • open-gear vintage tuners
  • heel-mount truss rod adjustment
  • Zero Fret
  • brass saddles
This is my hand made Mensfeld SG Custom, built by Maciej Mensfeld. He used to have guitar shop in Chicago. I am not sure if he is still doing this.. Google if you are interested ;)
I replaced all electronics starting with new DiMarzzio Output Jack and Solid Copper hook up wires.
I have also installed original Gibson 500T and 496R humbuckers together with 4 Japanese 250K pots
and 2 Orange Drop capacitors ".047 uf" each.. and all of this locked in copper shielded cage.
As you can see, this guitar is setup for darker sound.. just the way I like it :)
Even this may look like a Gibson SG, this guitar should be considered completely different design. Body is about 50% thicker plus there is Tune-O-Matic bridge with brass saddles for even greater sustain. There is also bolt-on neck and Zero Fret for perfect neck radius match and optimal string height right from very first fret. As far as I know Zero Fret design is used on Brian May Guitars and on some Gibson select models.
This Mensfeld SG is extremely comfortable to play, and after I did electronics upgrade, this is one awesome guitar that could easily compete with top of the line custom shop guitars :)
*also check my Mensfeld SG Custom Wiring Diagram
**click thumbnail to enlarge image
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