Ibanez RP200
  • Vintage Cassette Player
  • Tape Speed Control (Normal and 1/2)
  • Pitch Control
  • build-in basic guitar effects (Distortion and Chorus)
  • 2 guitar inputs and 2 headphone outputs
  • independent volume control for each input and tape
This is my vintage cassette player. What is cool about this Ibanez RP200? You can slow down cassette tape speed and you can practice with your friend because RP200 got 2 independent guitar inputs and 2 headphone outputs. Also, RP200 got Pitch Control, this is must-have in my opinion, if you wanna play along, because you never tune guitar to cassette tape, you should tune tape to your guitar,
Very hard to find.. and if you find one in good working condition sometimes it costs hundreds of dollars.
I'll be honest with you, if this comes to functionality I would say this is not worth to pay big $$$. These days you can find free software that will do better than this. But if you are collector or you just wanna go back in time and see how guitar players used to practice, lets say 40 years ago.. this Ibanez RP200 is for you.
I own mine for about 30 years now, and this is still working!! I just replaced belt recently. I paid $10 dollars for pack of 40, because they don't sell singles. Well, if I brake 1 belt let's say every 5 years, I am good for next 200 years, hahaha ;)
I am still using this player and I wouldn't consider to sell it.. Just Rock & Play untill it brakes for good ;)
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