Eleven Rack Editor window disappears or white screen
If you found this page it means you probably have same problem, Eleven Rack Editor is disappearing or white screen. Please note, I am NOT related to AVID Corp, I am just user as you are.
I have had this problem many many times. Below you'll find few steps how to fix it. This works fine' for me.
Also remember, if you decide to reinstall editor, go directly to "Procedure #4" and DELETE "Eleven Rack Editor" folder from AppData or you will run into same problem after new installation.
if editor disappeared:
Procedure #1:
  • hit Ctrl, Alt, Delete
  • task manager ---> highlight Eleven Rack Editor ---> click arrow to expand menu
  • right click Eleven Rack Editor from menu ---> select BRING TO FRONT and MAXIMIZE
  • close the Task Manager ---> close the Eleven Rack Editor ---> than Reopen the Eleven Rack Editor


If this didn't help, try next procedure
Procedure #2:
  • hold shift ---> right click ---> select "move" ---> use arrows to navigate window (up) while holding shift ---> click when done
if window is white:
Procedure #3:
  • click "window" in upper left corner and try to minimize check and un-check


If this didn't help, try next procedure
Procedure #4 (most radical):
  • close editor
  • go to: C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Avid ---- (you must select "show hidden items" to find it)
  • delete folder "Eleven Rack Editor"
  • restart Eleven Rack Editor (this will reinstall new folder automatically)
If none of above helps, then I am sorry, I don't know how to fix it.
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