Marshall JCM 900
Marshall JCM900 - head:
  • 100-watts / 2 channels
  • dual reverb
  • preamp tubes: 3 x ECC83
  • power tubes: 4 x 5881
  • series FX loop with true bypass
  • Hi Gain 0-20 (CH. B)
Marshall 1960A Lead - cab:
  • original Celestion G12T-75 speakers (4x12")
  • 300-watt in mono mode, or 2x150-watt in stereo mode
  • 2 inputs
  • 4/16-ohm mono or 8-ohm stereo
I have never had any problems with this amp. Just routine cleaning. In fact, I still have original tubes. Recently, there is JCM 900 Reissue available on market.. I have an all-original from the '90s and I absolutely love this amp. People call it "The Beast" for a reason ;)  Birch-ply construction, incredibly strong and ready for life on the road. Quite heavy, about 50 lbs, just head alone. And this amp can get very bright if you want to. Using EQ Pedal in Effects Loop is must-have, in my opinion.
Some highlights should include Hi Gain 0-20 on CH. B. not just 0-10. You don't even need overdrive or distortion for this amp :) Another cool feature; true bypass FX loop.
JCM 900 is good for Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal etc.. is an amazing and flexible workhorse amplifier.
You can't go wrong with Marshall.
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