Boss TU-03 Tuner & Metronome
  • professional tuner and metronome in one unit
  • 5 tuning modes: chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin
  • audible reference pitch (A) (built-in speaker)
  • support for flat and double-flat
  • visual and audio metronome
  • 8 rhythm patterns
  • adjustable volume
  • auto power off (5 minutes)


I decided to write review of this little gadget, because I think this is very cool tuner.. and metronome. All in one unit. Boss Corporation once again proves they are one step ahead of everybody else in the music industry. You get nice responsive, quite fast clip-on tuner that stays in place (!) and you get really advanced metronome, both visual and audio, and they stay in sync (!) which is not obvious for some other brands ;)
You can set time signature 3/4, 4/4 and so on (from 0-9) and combine this with 8 rhythm patterns, while you really need only one.. quarter notes :)
Another thing I like about this Boss TU-03 is that if you leave it in tuner mode, it will start in tuner mode, and if you leave it in metronome mode it will start in metronome mode, and of course it will memorize last tempo used. Reasonably priced.

*also check my video: Boss TU-03 Tuner & Metronome Demo

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