Guitar Pedalboard 2
  • Boss TU-3
  • Ibanez TS-9
  • Boss OD-3
  • Boss NS-2
  • MXR Analog Chorus
  • Behringer EQ700
  • Behringer NR300
  • Behringer DR600
This is my pedalboard setup for Blues/Rock. As you can see there is minimum and only pedal effects you need to shape distinctive classic Blues/Rock sounds. No room for unnecessary junk ;) First row goes to the front of amp, and second row goes to the back, connected thru SEND/RETURN inputs.
Click here if you wanna see more detailed diagram how do I connect my pedalboard to Marshall.
You might be wondering why do I need OD-3 and TS-9 on same pedalboard :) This is because both these pedals are iconic, they both sound great and I couldn't make up my mind which one is better so I decided I will keep both of them. And actually I use TS-9 mostly for blues riffs and solos with less gain, and OD-3 for more aggressive rock guitar. I also have 2 noise gates NS-2 and NR300 separate for each channel, plus nice bright guitar tuner TU-3 and equalizer EQ700. These are all "must have guitar effects".. and there is optional MXR Analog Chorus and Digital Reverb DR600. See full diagram.
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